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Furnace Oil (FO)

Furnace oil is a dark viscous residual product used as a fuel in different types of combustion equipment. It conforms to IS:1593-1982 for fuel oils. Presently MV-2 grade (kinematic viscosity range of 125 to 180 CSt at 50°C) conforming to this specification is being marketed.

Light Diesel Oil (LDO)

Light diesel oil, or LDO, is a blend of components from the distillation process of crude. It is used in engines with an rpm less than 750, such as boilers and furnaces. LDO is also referred to as distillate fuel or marked oil.

Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO)

Mineral turpentine oil is distilled from petroleum which is a clear liquid known by the names petroleum spirit, solvent naphtha and mineral turpentine. Mineral Turpentine Oil wholesale dealers in India and in several other countries deliver 60% of the supplies to paint and lacquer manufacturing industries.

Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO)

Kerosenes are distillate fractions of crude oil in the boiling range of 150-250°C. They are treated mainly for reducing aromatic content to increase their smoke point (height of a smokeless flame) and hydrofining to reduce sulphur content and to improve odour, colour & burning qualities (char value). The Indian Standard governing the properties of kerosene are IS 1459:1974 (2nd Rev).

Bio Deisel

Biodiesel is domestically produced renewable fuel that can be manufactured from used vegetable oils, animal fats or used cooking oil, Palm stearin. Biodiesel is safe, biodegradable and reduces air pollution such as carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon and toxic chemicals. Biodiesel is a cleaner burning diesel and replacing diesel fuel made from naturally renewable sources such as new and used or non-edible vegetable oils just like petroleum diesel. Biodiesel operates in compression ignition engines. Usage of biodiesel reduces emissions of unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, sulphates, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.Biodiesel works well with new technologies such as diesel oxidation catalysts.

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