Furnace Oil(FO)

Furnace oil is a dark viscous residual product used as a fuel in different types of combustion equipment. It conforms to IS 1593-1982 for fuel oils. Presently MV-2 grade (kinematic viscosity range of 125 to 180 CST at 50°C) conforming to this specification is being marketed.

Acidity, indrganic Nill Nill ASTM D 974
Ash, percent by mass 0.04 0.1 Max IS 1448 P-4
Carbon residue, mass percent 7.2 18 Max ISO 10370
Gross, calorific value 10285 To be reported IS 1448 P-7
Density at 15°C, kg/m3 953.6 To be reported IS 1448 P-16
Flash pion pensky Martens (closed),°C 79.0 66 Min IS 1448 P-21
Kinematic viscosity in centistokes at 50°C 171.5 125-180 IS 1448 P-25
Sediment, percent by mass 0.06 0.25 Max IS 1448 P-30
Suiphur, total, percent by mass 1.876 4.0 Max ISO 8754
Water content, percent by volume 0.4 1.0 Max IS 1448 P-40
Pour point, °C 0 Winter :15max
Summer :27max
IS 1448 P-10
Ashphaltenes,percent by mass 5.9 10 Max IS 1448 P-22
Spot test for cleanliness 1 No.2 max (Faint or poor
defined inner ring)
ASTM D 4740

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