Mineral Turpentine Oil(MTO)

Mineral Turpentine Oil (MTO) is distilled from petroleum which is a clear liquid known by the names of petroleum spirit, solvent naphtha, and mineral turpentine. Mineral Turpentine Oil wholesale dealers in India and in several other countries deliver 60% of the supplies to paint and lacquer manufacturing industries. MTO is also used for dry cleaning and other industrial cleaning purposes.

Appearance Clear & Bright Clear & Bright Visual
Aromatics, Vol% 20.1 40 Max IS 1448 P-23
Copper strip corrosion for 3H @ 50°C 1a Not worse than No.1 IS 1448 P-15
Color, saybolt +22 +21 min ASTM D 6045
a) Initial Boiling point °C 160.8 125 Min ASTM D-86
b) Final Boiling Point, ° C 210.9 240 max. ASTM D-86
Mercaptan Sulphur, ppm 13 30 Max IS 1448 P-109
Flash Point-Able, ° C 46.0 30 Max IP 170
Odour* Acceptable Acceptable --
Residue on Evaporation, mg/100 ml 2.0 5 max IS 1448 P-29(Airjet)
Sulfur Tota, % by mass 0.045 0.11 max ASTM D 4294
The tests marked with * are not accredited by NABL

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